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about us

We’re training a FHIR® breathing Identity and Entity Resolving Dragon.

PID^TOO|| is an active de-duplication engine for FHIR® Repositories that scans entities and identities and provides remediation tasks for resolution, de-duplication and referential integrity.  PID^TOO|| provides a lightweight MPI process, Machine Learning Model and Remediation Workflow for mastering your FHIR® Data.

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About Us

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Whats with the name?
For HL7 nerds, PID-2 is the external id supplied by organizations transacting to other facilities. Along with PID-3, these carry various identifiers from multiple assigning authorities.

PID-2: Patient ID (External ID) – the patient identifier number used by one or more outside institutions (i.e. a physician’s office that is referring the patient)
How is PID^TOO|| deployed?
The entire stack, web portal is available on major cloud providers, data solutions and their respective marketplaces and will run on your own accounts.

Deployed as a stack via self service or can be deployed with our help, tailored to your needs.
Can we sign up for a Pilot?
Yes! Please!

Give us a chance to get the opinionated workflow in place and we would be happy to kick the tires against your FHIR® data.
What kind of support is available?
We are still working out the details on a support structure and opinionated workflow that is sustainable to enable a successful implementation and happy data pipelines, but you can count on it.
Is it invasive to my data?
We work by scanning your FHIR® repository, ingesting and training it into one we provision for you. All remediation's are carried out on the cloned resources, but can be executed on the source if the result is desirable.
What about funding?
We're self funded to a point and feel we can achieve phase one without any external funding, but we are going on tour so to speak for potential investors. We also do consulting on FHIR® repository health to fund the very tool that will be carrying out the assessment.
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