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Giving back while moving the needle.

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From v2 Summit, Peak CCDA and FHIR Mountain, we have been there every step of the way.
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v2 to FHIR, CCDA to FHIR, FHIR to Next Generation Healthcare Systems.
Common Data Model
We hang our many hats on the RIM Data Model and capitalize on the good work of HL7 International.

The GOAT of Interoperability

Enabling Technologies for your Healthcare workload challenges, a world class company and engaging community.

Clinical Trials

We sponsor and manage InterSystems FHIR Server on InterSystems Cloud.
Schedule of Activities
The Vulcan Schedule of Activities (SOA) Project defines a pattern for a clinical trial SOA structure using FHIR resources and processes that enables sharing, interpretation, and implementation in healthcare (EHR, PHR) systems
Real World Data
In the context of clinical research, Real World Data (RWD) are data created in the “real world” of everyday experience, such as a routine patient visit to a healthcare provider, as opposed to data created under clearly defined protocols typical of controlled clinical trials.